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promill procedure

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Test your products free from our equipments can be processed. We maintain the complement of the data sent to you.

  • Please send us 2D drawings, 2D file, or 3D modeling files of 3 and 4 – axes machinable
    products by Email, upload them on webhard, and do them by mail if they are actual
    samples. (But process size should be less than 500MMx400MMx150MM)
  • This company's engineers process your products by test and shoot their video. (Light
    metals and nonferrous metals including machinable materials are acrylic, plastic,
    aluminum, brass, copper, silver, bakelite, ABS, and PE)
  • We provide the information including processing conditions (tools and setting) and
    processing hours with the video after completing processing. (But, the actual expenses
    can be charged according to products' size or materials or zig manufacture. We will call
    you previously if the actual expenses will be charged.)
  • If you are of a mind to purchase products after watching the video, our sales person will visit and consult you with the estimates and processed samples. (But, the processed
    samples will be delivered to you after you will decided to purchase them.)
  • If it is difficult to judge the products by the processing video, you can directly visit and
    check the processing procedure.
  • If you decide to purchase the products, we will provide all the information which is
    necessary for production including the data of sample processing and processing