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promill applications

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Processing of parts related to data communication
Processing of prototype and baking mold
Processing of parts related to semiconductor
Processing of graphite and electrode
Processing of name plates and characters
Acrylic processing
Resing procesing
Wood processing
Processing of light metal parts(Aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, lead, magnesium)
Character processing
Processing of robot parts
Manfuacture of all kinds of models(Camcorder, digital camera, MP3, etc.)

Department of automotive engineering
Department of robot engineering
Department of mechatronics
Department of information & communication
Department of IT
Department of shipbuilding/aviation
Department of electronic and mechanical engineering
Department of industrial management
Department of dental laboratory science and engineering
Department of medical engineering
Department of metallurgical engineering
Department of new materials engineering
Department of new regeneration energy
Department of electronic engineering
Department of electrical engineering

Effects to introduce industry

When engraving machines are introduced, capitalization of technologies and data and standardization
are possible.
Economy of time can be maximized by simple operating methods and easy use environment.
It is all suitable for offices and site environments and is not limited to space because movement is easy.
Outsourcing expenses including manufacture of prototype and processing of parts can be innovatively
reduced when engraving machines are introduced.
Errors of design can be reduced and know-how of designers can be increased by processing designed
products directly.
It is convenient because designers can directly connect engraving machines to their PC in their offices.
Processing expenses and working hours can be reduced by minimizing the burden which operates the large machines when small products are processed.
It’s the simple introductions that you can master for 3 hours and there is no any burden about the expenses of after sales service (a year of warranty)

Effects to introduce educational institutions.

Can learn knowledge about overall process from design and process.
Can improve systematic ability which recognizes, analyzes, and solves errors of design through actual
Can increase the effect of practice of students by operating elements, devices, process, and systems of
processing overally.
Can solve previous training and pressure about practice of large CNC equipment
Can arouse students’ interest by actual simple processing, not modeling.
Can be helpful for composing various types of practice including project practice and club practice and
developing lectures.
Comfortable classes can be arranged escaping from constraints of space and time through convenience of
movement and silence.

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