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Why PROMill


CAD/CAM/CNC Total solution company.

PROTEK KOREA Co., Ltd. is maximizing utilization of CNC engraving machines as the best engineers of CAD/CAM which is their previous preparatory stage support customers' design and processing data's generation as the CAD/CAM/CNC total soultion company. Actually, it is natural that products' design and NC data have the great effect on machining products.

Technical collaboration with Korea Institute of Machinery
and Materials of Daedeok Science Town.

This company is being supported by Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials of Daedeok Science Town. For PROMill Series, this company asked Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials to analyze the machine's structure and vibration. So they were manufactured as the machines with strong durability and high precision.

Refined design which cannot be found in engraving machines

Most of Korean CNC engraving machines did not consider design as important while this company’s PROMill series are designed to be suitable for all the factories and office environments.

100% of Korean parts are used

Low-priced engraving machines imported most of parts from China or were manufactured by using the ones from China. PROMill Series were used and manufactured by using 100% of Korean parts which passed through complicated examination. Engraving machines’ durability, life, precision, and noise are influenced by use of parts. Please compare them with other companies’ engraving machines!

Operating program which is easy to use

PROMill Series’ operating program selected MACH3. MACH3 is the CNC operating program which is most widely used in the world. Our company amended and used this program, desigend it to make customers use it easier, and can change composition of the screen according to their requests.


Possession of the best training facilities

This company is operating the training center of the most modern facilities to train customers and is producing more than 200 trainees per year through CAD/CAM training as well as PROMill series training.

Prompt technical support system

Deajeon that our company is located in is a major transportation point which runs in all directions. This company can go on business trips to every place of the whole country faster and promise prompter after sales service to you.

Operation of the call center for 24 hours.

We is operating the call center being open 24 hours 365 days a year with the sense of duty that we should immediately respond to customers’ problems as the company which manufactures and supplies PROMill Series to be used in production sites with close deadlines.